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Bus driver hit by piece of metal but saves passengers. China, June 2012

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Видео добавил: Телеканал ОНТ
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Bus driver hit by piece of metal but saves passengers. China, June 2012

A bus driver from China has given his life to save passengers after he was hit by an object crashing through the bus windshield. dramatic accident video


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frankos rooni (добавлен в 15:32 30.12.2013)

Sad --

The Agent Of Chaos (добавлен в 10:37 14.09.2013)

Do you try to be stupid, or does it just come naturally

powmful (добавлен в 13:54 12.09.2013)

Yes, it is real. Does it look edited to you

noki cat (добавлен в 07:51 08.10.2013)

You can see the object that was in the air that hit the driver was tinted and see through. It looks like a sun roof glass come off a vehicle from the other lane at highway speed. The tinted tempered glass broke into little pieces when it hit the windshield. That saved the drivers life. But the mass of the glass has enough energy at speed to do damage and injury.

Ashley Cardwell (добавлен в 23:38 16.10.2013)

The driver died if his injuries, The heavy blow left the driver's liver and lung badly damaged and three ribs broken. Read more: digitaljournal . com/article/325941#ixzz2hupBfW3G

Angel Berumen Jr (добавлен в 04:04 29.08.2013)

How do u know he died

CHARITY HECH (добавлен в 10:14 09.06.2012)


Arie B (добавлен в 04:31 18.09.2013)

Its real, it was spoken of on the news even here in Holland as a small tribute to the bus driver. He's concidered a hero in China.

Xiia0Sn00pY (добавлен в 22:43 04.09.2013)

He died. His name is Wu bin. He died 3 days after he was admitted to the hospital. God rest his soul. Not all China nationals are bad. This is one good example of a true hero and image of a human being

gowdridge (добавлен в 03:57 30.06.2013)

f..u..c..k..i..n..g s..h..i..t !!! Hope the guy was ok cause that must have `hurt like hell.` Lucky it wasn`t 2 feet higher.

ahmani keitt (добавлен в 06:21 01.09.2013)

What exploded! How tf this happen!!

Nadoe3757 (добавлен в 08:35 10.09.2013)

i dont think this video is real. so f u back in advance for u sayin f me for sayin its a fake, which is usually what happens when i call a fake. and f u for postin a fake, if it is fake. if its real... i sorry.

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